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Raku Advent Calendar 2021: day 12

12, December 2021

This year I have new article «A long journey to Ethereum signatures» to be published at official Raku Advent Calendar blog.

It's originally inspired by the work started after the talk «Multi-network Ethereum dApp in Raku» at TRC2021 and continues the deep dive into Ethereum transaction signing. As you remember, initially I used the local node with mocked/shared account on board for signing and now ... 🎉 we can boost the dApp performance by self-signing feature in Raku with Net::Ethereum, Node::Ethereum::RLP, Bitcoin::Core::Secp256k1 and Node::Ethereum::Keccak256::Native modules.

From the dApp perspective — self-signing options are "must-have" ones. Obvious advantages: quick on-boarding, flexibility and performance. For example, just the migration to Keccak-256 module brings x25 boost. Ok, no spoilers any more, go read ahead 😄

Any feedback, objections, likes and reposts are highly appreciated!


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