Konstantin Narkhov
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Job and Skills


Scientific Research Institute of System Development (SRISA RAS).

  • Sept 2005 - Aug 2009: engineer;
  • Aug 2009 - Dec 2015: junior scientist;
  • Dec 2015 - Mar 2017: deputy chief designer;
  • Mar 2017 - present: senior scientist.

Senior developer in projects

I’ve taken part in projects at SRISA RAS:

  • Utilities for automated generation of applications for real-time systems (certified visual environment for real-time applications development);
  • Library for pipelined data transmition under RapidIO communication environment;
  • Thread monitoring library for multi-thread application runtime control;
  • General multi-thread programming technology for real-time OS.

Joint projects

I’ve taken part in joint projects between SRISA RAS & other companies:


  • Software development for hard real-time embedded systems;
  • System data transfer libraries development (for RT OS, libraries provide data transmission over high-speed channels: Ethernet, RapidIO);
  • Unit tests development (for RT OS, performance tests for RapidIo, Ethernet, VGA, MIL-STD-1553, RS232 / 485, I2C, QBus, VME);
  • Multi-thread prgramming (POSIX.1-2008);
  • Monitoring tools development (for multi-threaded applications that are running on multiprocessor /cluster systems);
  • Visual environments development for Linux-like systems (glib, gtk, qt, development of eclipse plug-ins);
  • Parsers and text data analysis tools programming (C, Perl, Awk);
  • Development, maintenance and support of compilation and assembly systems for distributed projects (make, automake, autoconf, kbuild);
  • Git & Continuous Integration (CI-scripts/tests for Gitlab);

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