Konstantin Narkhov
Pheix 0.8.109

Job and Skills



  • Jun 2020 - present: remote backend developer.

Scientific Research Institute of System Development:

  • Sept 2005 - Aug 2009: engineer;
  • Aug 2009 - Dec 2015: junior scientist;
  • Dec 2015 - Mar 2017: deputy chief designer;
  • Mar 2017 - May 2020: research fellow.


Projects at MultiSafePay:

  • Pay after Delivery (PAD) is unique after payment method provided for Dutch merchants. The product is fully developed by MultiSafepay. The online payment method allows online consumers to receive their order first and pay after;
  • E-Invoicing is authentic, in-house developed solution for payment management. Giving the tools to establish dynamic payment timelines: easily integrated, and managed in MultiSafepay Control environment. E-Invoicing is the most flexible and customer friendly ecommerce payment solution, designed for the B2B market.

Projects at SRISA RAS:

  • Library for pipelined data transmition under RapidIO communication environment;
  • Thread monitoring library for multi-threaded application runtime control;
  • General multi-threaded programming technology for real-time OS;
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, utilities and service tools for programmable logic controllers (PLC);
  • Automated generation utilities for real-time applications (AGURA) — certified visual environment for real-time applications development;
  • Remote PLC debugging and maintenance tools for AGURA IDE.


  • Software development for hard real-time embedded systems (C/C++);
  • Prototyping, specifying and developing low-level application data transfer protocols for real-time systems;
  • System data transfer libraries development (for RT OS, libraries provide data transmission over high-speed channels: Ethernet, RapidIO);
  • Unit tests development (for RT OS, performance tests for RapidIo, Ethernet, VGA, RS232/422/485, I2C, VME);
  • Multi-threaded programming (POSIX.1-2008);
  • Monitoring tools development (for multi-threaded applications that are running on multiprocessor /cluster systems);
  • Visual environments development for Linux-like systems (glib, gtk, qt, plug-ins for Eclipse);
  • Parsers and text data analysis tools programming (C, Perl, Awk);
  • Development, maintenance and support of compilation and assembly systems for distributed projects (make, automake, autoconf, kbuild);
  • Git & Continuous Integration (CI-scripts/tests, shared runners for Gitlab);
  • Docker: OS-level virtualization containers, Docker-in-Docker.

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