Konstantin Narkhov
Pheix 0.8.119

Multi-network Ethereum dApp in Raku

13, August 2021

The talk Multi-network Ethereum dApp in Raku was given on 8th august at The Raku Conference 2021. There we have tried to manage Ethrerum heterogeneous environment with Pheix as the transparent relay of data flows from one network to another 🤓.

TRC2021 was the really authentic event with great speakers lineup, fantastic audience and professional organizers. I would like to say personal hello to Andrew Shitov, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Anton Antonov and William Michels.

See you at The Raku Conference 2022 👋👋👋


The Raku Conference 2021

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Closing the last day of the Raku Conference 2021💖💖💖




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