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The Perl & Raku Conference Toronto 2023

3, July 2023

On 26th March 2023 I applied to Perl & Raku Conference in Toronto 2023 as a speaker. On 13th April 2023 my talks were shortlisted and accepted:

You can find full schedule infografics for TPRC2023 Day 2 by this link.

I had no valid Canadian Visa, documents collecting took about a month and I finally applied to visa on 16th May 2023. On 18th March 2023 I passed biometrics collecting procedure and started to track my application progress. Unfortunately no any updates there since 18th May 2023.

On 28th June 2023 I sent enquiry request about my application via official Canadian immigration service feedback form. No response as well.

While figuring out how to send an enquiry, I found the average processing times check page , and it gave me 354 days for average processing. It was an epic fail. Obviously my application will not be processed neither in June, nor in December 2023. So I have to cancel my attending at TPRC2023 less than in 2 weeks before my talks are planned to be given. True reputational damage.

As I mentioned before the issue was right at the Canadian Visa application start point — all I needed is just to check processing times page and withdraw my TPRC2023 application. Also I don't understand why Canadian immigration service does not show these processing times as a reference at application page. I guess it will be very useful for cases like mine, I'm planning to send them the official proposal for UI/UX upgrade.

Looks like I will miss this TPRC2023. I feel myself very bad and broken, basically because I let organizers down. I'm very sorry and would like to apologize personally to Alex Beamish (he spent a few evenings on invitation letter) and Bruce Gray (who gently asked me about visiting TPRC2023 in person).


Talks workspaces: Optimize your private blockchain storage, Trove – yet another TAP harness

PaperCall applications: 1, 2

Trove – yet another TAP harness at Raku Advent Calendar 2022: day 14



Storage provider on blockchain for lightweight data blocks: traces, logs, events, tags, notes, etc...

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