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Raku Advent Calendar 2022: day 14

14, December 2022

This year I have new article «Trove – yet another TAP harness» to be published at official Raku Advent Calendar blog.

It's originally inspired by the work started on «Pheix pre-RC2» talk. I tried to explain how Pheix bash test tool works and eventually decided to write an article about it. While I was preparing the article, I re-wrote the bash code in Raku, that's how Trove module was born.

Generally Trove is based on idea to create the wrapper over the unit tests in test folder. But with out-of-the-box Gitlab or Github CI/CD integration, extended logging and test-dependable options. Well, let's dive into details, tricks and obviously hacks 🤿

Any feedback, objections, likes and reposts are highly appreciated!


Article draft and repository

Trove module: github, gitlab

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Announcement at pheix.org

Discussiion at HackerNews

Discussion at Reddit

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