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GPW2020: Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku

9, march 2020

I have performed «Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku» at German Perl and Raku Workshop 2020. It was great to meet German perl mongers and to be the part of the largest and the most prestigious EU workshop.

Unfortunately my performance has a few lacks: the saddest thing is the failure to connect my laptop to external display from Linux. I had plans to combine slides part with practical part: examples of docker containers usage, code writing and decentralized applications debugging.

But as a result of my laptop connection failure in Linux all I could do is just present the slides from macOS. Hope to avoid such incidents in future.

The next lackage — when my talk structure was broken, I have been unable to make a quick rebuild of my presentation (not the slides at all, just my speech). I mean I had no plan «B» for any unexpected cases and exceptions. That should be fixed in future and it's very important to get ready for any tech failure.

I would like to thank all organizers, attendees and visitors, special thanx to Sören Laird Sörries, Martin Barth, Max Maischein, Moritz Lenz, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Wendy Van DijkThomas Klausner, Jonathan WorthingtonWolfgang KinkeldeiJulien Fiegehenn and Ann Barcomb.

My talk was catched on video:


Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku — Prezi presentation, Gitlab workspace;

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