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Programming Digital Audio Server backend with Raku

9, february 2021

I performed the talk «Programming Digital Audio Server (DAS) backend with Raku» at Perl development room during FOSDEM 2021 conference. It was great to be the part of the largest open source related event and to be the part of FOSS community as well.

As you know, this year FOSDEM was totally online with pre-recodered talks. Well, it was the first challenge: usually preparing for live preformance, I'm just creating the presentation and — 🤦‍♂️ — sometimes performing single rehearsal in front of the mirror. But not now, I have spent three days to record the talk (actually not days, but nights — the best time for record sessions). And it was very useful: now I'm know the fastest way to prepare for the talk and finally perform it successfully. I'm planning to write the big post about it.

Of course, once again something went wrong. My epic fail at this conference was regarding the timezones issue, the talk was scheduled at 15:20 CET (17:20 MSK), but I joined at 18:10 MSK — right at the end of Q/A section. So, had no chance for open discussion with attendees, very frustrated. Main thing I can take from this situation: In future I will force using of reminders with timezones support. I know the generic android calendar can be used for this. So, yep, that's the lesson.

Nevertheless, I have got the positive feedback and it really motivates for further work! Finally I would like to thank Perl development room orgs: JJ and Stuart, FOSDEM 2021 team members, which assisted me with talk re-uploading/reviewing/etc: Wouter Verhelst and Alasdair Kergon.


Talk presentation, Gitlab workspace;

FOSDEM 2021 Perl development room schedule;

FOSDEM conference 2021


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