Konstantin Narkhov
Pheix 0.8.119

Pheix Nomad Release 2023

31, August 2023

Hi, folks!

Today I issued Pheix Nomad Release. It was a long way caused by different global, personal and subjective circumstances. Latest release was in october 2021, so a lot of things happened since that date.

I've relocated to Central Asia and mostly a lot of routine changes, improvements, fixes and updates were done far a way from my home, hence I feel this release as some kind of nomad's work. The most valuable updates are:

Ultimate changes list is available at official Nomad Release announcement. Also please check Nomad Release related talk workspace.

I would like to mention, that a few breaking changes, initially planned to be released in RC2, were included in this release. So, it might be a naive excuse for a quite long delay in release process. Anyway, I'm planning to finally issue RC2 'till this year end. Let's see.


Official announcement

Nomad Release milestone on GitLab

Nomad Release v0.14.15 assets

Release banner by Kate Konopleva

Posts: LinkedIn, Hacker News, /r/rakulang, /r/ethdev

Announcement in Twitter

Note in Raku Blog Posts 2023.36 by Elizabeth Mattijsen

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