Konstantin Narkhov
Pheix 0.8.119

Pheix git repository deployment

21 november, 2017

This article contains general requirements to Pheix git repository deployment. I will try to demonstrate them on simple examples. It is important to notice, that I use this text as a cheat-sheet for deployment Pheix to the new workstation or server (vps) from repository.

General principles

The next principles are used as basis while deployment:

  1. You should store your local repositories at /home/username/git. This is usual rule, that’s used at several popular projects: TizenRT, DreamPress, Magento. Also there are a few articles on this topic from Jinliang Yang & Max Ivak;

  2. Use group’s name in your git projects folder. At Pheix repository we have groups, e.g. pheix-pool, pheix-ckeditor-plugins, pheix-site-utils. Check out our repository at gitlab.com for more information. So, path to git project within group should be:

  3. Use original git repository name as project name: /home/username/git/groupname/reponame, e.g. Pheix repo name is core — so, path to project should be: /home/kostas/git/pheix-pool/core.

Branching model

Pheix uses branching model defined by Vincent Driessen. If you are interested to take part in Pheix development process, please follow next branching principles:

  1. Always work at your personal feature or hotfix branch;

  2. While fixing bugs use issue number from Pheix repository tracker at gitlab.com in feature branch name, e.g. hotfix-12 for issue #12. It is important to mention, that you should fix bugs assigned to you, it prevents multiple bug fixing;

  3. Before starting work on new features you should create issue at Pheix repo with enhancement label. Please provide general feature info: name, functional description, etc.

  4. New feature should be approved by Pheix community. So, when it happens — official feature branch appears in Pheix repo & you are assigned to this branch as a committer;

  5. Develop new feature & commit releases to official feature branch;

  6. When development is completed & all test passed create merge request to develop branch.


First of all you should get reporter access to Pheix repository at gitlab.com. Then you should report bug or new feature as an issue. If you have enough skills to fix bug or implement new feature — mark this in issue description & attach link to your code (e.g. link to your gitlab/github repo). ASAP you will get developer access rights and can start work on Pheix.


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