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Job alternatives for unemployed workers in COVID-19 reality

29, october 2020

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Being unemployed is a difficult situation that many are facing during the pandemic. Many people are wondering how they can move on and get new skills that will impress employers. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the game, and employers' demands are higher than ever. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, remote work has become the new standard, and jobless workers are struggling to find work.

If you're currently unemployed and feel lost, these job possibilities can help you find a new path. These are the best alternatives to making yourself a more attractive candidate and to start a new career in 2020.

Full-stack developer

Having a website has become a must for all companies because they help organizations provide better services and make customers feel engaged. During the pandemic, websites have played a crucial role in meeting customers' needs. They became the safest way to buy groceries and other essentials. However, customers' demands are still rising and customer satisfaction has become a challenge for many companies. They're leaning on skilled tech workers to get the job done.

Full-stack developers are responsible for creating websites' front end as well as the back end. The demand for these developers has increased because of how websites are now used for gathering data. By analyzing collected information, organizations can design better products and provide more personalized services.

Becoming a full-stack developer requires passion and tenacity, and your efforts will be rewarded. In 2020, the typical JavaScript full-stack developer salary was an average of $105,813 per year. So, learning JavaScript can also be a way to change your lifestyle. JavaScript is an excellent tool for beginners because it's easy to learn and allows you to spend less time coding. With JS frameworks, developers can build interactive and visually appealing sites within minutes.

Many vocational schools offer javascript courses. But, if you want to stand out from the competition, you should enroll in Kenzie Academy's coding bootcamp. At Kenzie Academy, you'll become a skilled coder in 52 weeks. Their software engineering program covers in-demand programming languages like JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and HTML.

Students will learn core computer science concepts during the program to understand how computers and systems work. After you learn to build, architect, and maintain complex apps, getting hired will no longer be a challenge. Kenzie Academy's programs are designed to provide students with everything they will need to get senior roles over time.

Mobile developer

Becoming a mobile developer is an excellent option to increase your job opportunities. Mobile apps are helping companies increase customer satisfaction and they are transforming the way customers buy products online. For example, Home Depot's mobile app allows customers to use their smartphones' camera to see a 3D preview of merchandise. By using AR features, the company has reduced costs on returns and has made customers happier.

On the other hand, companies like Samsung are using mobile apps to change how customers monitor and control their smart homes. Samsung's SmartThings app allows homeowners to control everything in their homes, from the fridge to the AC, making their customers' lives more comfortable.

To become a mobile developer, enrolling in General Assembly's coding bootcamp is an excellent option. The company offers iOS and Android development courses to help aspiring developers gain skills. Throughout each program, students will learn how to catch an employers' attention. And by building real mobile apps, they will make a portfolio to show during interviews. General Assembly's hiring partners include Google, Microsoft, and other world-class companies. When you complete the course, getting the job you've always wanted will no longer be a dream.

Digital Marketer

Years ago, companies used newspapers, radio, television, and similar channels to reach their audience. The rules have now changed, and digital marketers are helping companies improve their strategies of targeting customers. Using websites, social networks, and email, digital marketers can help companies increase customer satisfaction and reach wider audiences.

Today, more companies are using digital channels to provide better customer service and increase their brand recognition. For example, many world-class companies use Instagram to showcase their products and interact with customers. Using this, digital marketers can generate leads.

Digital marketing requires a lot of creativity. If your creativity is what makes you move, then becoming a digital marketer is an excellent option. During daily work, digital marketers plan digital marketing campaigns, maintain companies' social media, and make reports on the performance of campaigns.

Thinkful is a coding school that provides you with everything you need to lead a marketing team. In their digital marketing course, you'll learn content marketing, SEM, email marketing, and analytics skills in less than 12 weeks. And with their academic support, you'll be equipped with knowledge that will impress employers.

Data Scientist

Since companies are using data to make important business decisions, data scientists have become indispensable. They are capable of analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data to gather insight. They can help organizations innovate the market and lead companies to success. Data Scientists often use machine learning algorithms to make more accurate predictions and provide better results.

Data scientists also have to deal with large databases of information in their day-to-day work life. So, learning SQL and Python is essential to become a data scientist. Flatiron School offers many courses to help you learn new skills. Their Data science immersive program will have you job-ready in only 20 weeks. As you'll learn to gather data and apply statistical analysis in hands-on projects, engaging with potential employers will be easy.


Consider these career alternatives if you want to turn your 2020 around. They will allow you to become a remote worker and increase your job prospects. And because tech workers are in high demand, the high salary will also help you change your lifestyle. However, becoming a tech expert can be a challenge, so set yourself goals and stay motivated throughout the process.


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