Konstantin Narkhov
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FOSDEM2022 announcement

03, February 2022

Hi, nerds 🤓

This Saturday I will give the talk «Decentralized authentication» in Raku dev room at FOSDEM22.

Authentication is the «‎must-have» feature of every web application. Traditional centralized auth feature has the major disadvantage: if the authenticator is down, it affects on to all related services. In this talk I would like to discuss auth on Ethereum blockchain, go through its major benefits and introduce sample application with the decentralized authentication based on Pheix.

You can go through the talk workaround at Gitlab repository, also feel free to ask any questions here.

See U on 5th February, 14:00 CET at https://chat.fosdem.org/#/room/#raku-devroom:fosdem.org ✍️

Decentralized Authentication


Storage provider on blockchain for lightweight data blocks: traces, logs, events, tags, notes, etc...

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