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Raku Advent Calendar 2023: day 18

18, December 2023

My article «Dissecting the Go-Ethereum keystore files using Raku tools» is published at official Raku Advent Calendar blog.

This article is the some king of summary for the work, I have done for Ethelia service during the recent weeks. The actual results are: registration model via Telegrams is finished — we have Sepolia full node, Telegram bot and Ethelia's endpoint backend up and running, they are communicating to each other, look promising and stable.

You are welcome to try it out! As soon as you registered, post your lightweight data to a different Ethereum networks (our private PoA, Sepolia and mainnet) through the endpoint. The only limitation for this moment — API access token is available only during the auth session in web control panel.

Any feedback, objections, likes and reposts are highly appreciated!


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18 December 2023 in programming advent calendars

Santa deleted his Ethereum keystore file 😵


Storage provider on blockchain for lightweight data blocks: traces, logs, events, tags, notes, etc...

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