Konstantin Narkhov
Pheix 0.8.119

Decentralized authentication

11, February 2022

The talk Decentralized authentication was given at FOSDEM22 — we discussed auth on Ethereum blockchain, went through its major benefits and introduced sample application with the decentralized authentication based on Pheix.

I would like personally thank Andrew Shitov for organazing and managing Raku development room, FOSDEM orgs and volunteers and Raku community members as well.

Actually I would like to thank all attendees — I hope u found something useful and interesting in my presentation. Any feedback or questions are welcome.


Raku development room at FOSDEM22

Decentralized authentication: slides, workspace

Blog post at pheix.org

Talk video at fosdem.org


Storage provider on blockchain for lightweight data blocks: traces, logs, events, tags, notes, etc...

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